Just Print Them Out & Use Them

What Could Be Easier?

Perfect for that "More Than A Slice" Hunger !!!

Gourmet Treat For Two - No Fuss, No Mess.

Choose any 2 pasta dishes with 2 garden salads and 6-piece garlic knots.

Office Party, Football Game, Birthday, Anniversary. You pick the Occasion. Our Gourmet Pizza, Wings and Salad are the perfect fit.

Two slices with 20 oz soda!

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What size Pizza should I get?

A Personal 10" Size Pizza will more than satisfy that craving for a little more than a slice.

Our Medium 14" Pizza will usually feed two people. Add a salad and it's a perfect meal for two.

A Large 16" Pizza is perfect for feeding Mom & Dad and a little one. Perhaps a Calzone or add a salad and you're stuffed !!!

A Jumbo 18" Pizza makes sure the whole group is feed well. Try some Chicken Wings or a Stromboli and a Large Salad and consider the Hunger Done !!

Our Wings

Great tasting wings don't just happen. They're a symphony of chicken, chef and sauce. First, the right chicken wings need to be selected. Juicy and plump. Next, the proper cooking process must be used to make sure the wings are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Then, the freshest blend of ingredients must be combined to create a delicious, sauce. And let's not forget it all has to come together just right.

Just make sure you order enough. YOU WILL crave these Wings!!!